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How does it work?

  • HOP will buy your home alongside you. We are not lenders, but your Home Owning Partners.
  • If the home you choose is a sound prospect, HOP will buy it alongside you, investing up to 6 times your income. All you need is 10% of the purchase price.
  • In return, you make monthly HOP Payments, which could work out less than your rent or mortgage payments.
  • Your payment is 5% of HOP’s initial investment in Year 1, so if HOP invests £270,000 your payment is £13,500 over the year, or £1,125 per month.
  • You are free to sell at any time and will benefit from any increase in the value of the whole property, not just your share
  • You can buy a bigger share of the property, up to 100%, any time you want.

What can I afford?

  • Your HOP Payments are made every month.
  • The payment in the first year is equivalent to 5% of the value of HOP’s investment in your home.
  • This payment then increases each year in line with inflation (also known as the Retail Price Index, or RPI), plus 0.5%. Your payments will never increase more than 5% in one year, however high the inflation rate.
  • This means you can feel confident that you will be able to afford the HOP payments in the years ahead.

For example, if you had £30,000 to put down on a property, you could buy a home with HOP for £300,000, with HOP contributing the balance of £270,000.

In Year 1, your annual HOP Payment would be 5% of this balance: £13,500, or £1,125 monthly.

Each year, the HOP Payment would increase by 0.5% above the Retail Price Index. So, If the RPI is 2.5% in Year 2, the HOP increase would be 3%, and your monthly HOP Payment for the second year would increase by £33 to £1,158 per month.

What is the value of your property?


Your contribution: £30,000

HOP Contribution: £270,000

Year 1 HOP Payment: £13,500 or £1,125 monthly

Year 2 HOP Payment: £13,905 or £1,159 monthly *

*If the RPI is 2.5%

How is my share calculated?

  • You put in 10% of the purchase price, so on day one your share in the growth is 10%.
  • The next year you get an extra 25% from the entire home’s value growth, not just your share.
  • In following years you get an extra 2% of the growth.
  • This is all on top of your 10% share!

What is the initial value of your HOP home?


What will be your initial contribution?


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Predicted property value:


Your share of value growth



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