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What is HOP?

  • HOP replaces the need for a mortgage: you contribute a minimum of 10% in cash and HOP’s investors contribute the rest.

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The ongoing costs of co-ownership

What are HOP Payments?

In return for HOP arranging co-investment in your home, you make a “HOP Payment” each month, with the first year’s payment being 5% of the HOP Partners’ co-investment amount.

How do my HOP Payments increase each year?

Your payment increases each year in line with inflation, using the Retail Price Index (RPI), plus 0.5%. HOP caps these payments to never increase more than 5%, however high the inflation rate.

What is Retail Price Index (RPI)?

In the United Kingdom, Retail Price Index (RPI) is a measure of inflation published monthly by the Office for National Statistics. It measures the change in the cost of a representative sample of retail goods and services. The RPI is used by the government as a base for various purposes, such as social housing rent increases.

What else will I need to pay in addition to HOP Payments?

You will need to pay for the buildings insurance for the property. We will offer to arrange the insurance and recharge this to you. Our group policy will be at a lower cost than you could find on the open market.

You will pay the Service Charge if there is one. This charge is common across the UK for properties where there are communal areas. It normally pays for items such as the upkeep of the communal areas, the block management costs and external repairs.

Sharing growth in value

How is any growth in value shared?

You receive a disproportionate share of any increase in value: you own at least 32.5% of any increase in value from day one – your initial share + 25% of the Partner’s share. You then receive 2% of HOP’s Partner’s share for each year in the property. So, after 3 years, if you contribute 10% initially you own 37.9% of the value change.

View Gain in Value Share calculator

Selling and moving on

Can I sell anytime?

You can choose to sell anytime, but we hope you will stay for many years.

When you sell you benefit from an increase in the value of the whole property, not just your share. See Sharing the gains question above.

There will be selling fees associated with selling your home, which reduces to one month’s HOP Payment after 8 years.