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Home Owning Partnership

  • You’re renting, but you want to buy your own place.
  • You have money saved for a deposit, but it’s not enough to get a mortgage on a place you’d want to buy.
  • Buy with HOP and you can have your new home now
  • HOP is a new way to buy a home that makes it possible to get on the property ladder with just a 10% deposit.
  • And the monthly cost is often less than renting.
  • How do we do it?!
How HOP makes it possible to buy
  • HOP is the Home Owning Partnership, and we’ve created a new way to buy property that makes owning your own home possible for people who are struggling to get on the property ladder.
  • We’re not a mortgage lender; instead, we invest in your home, alongside you. Our confidence in the long term value of property means that you can buy with HOP even if you have only saved 10% of the value of the home you want to buy. HOP invests the rest – there’s no need for a mortgage.
  • In return, you make a monthly HOP Payment which, in most cases, will work out at less than the rent you pay at the moment – you can see how much this would be here.
  • Once you have bought a place with HOP, you can make it yours, decorating and altering it as you choose. You’re in control, with a secure home where you can build your future.