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The smarter way to own the home you want when you can’t get the mortgage you need

  • HOP offers six times your salary to own the home you want mortgage-free
  • The home you want could be closer to schools, work or have more bedrooms
  • HOP gives you control to stay for the long-term, buy more equity when you want and give your home that personal touch
  • You need to contribute at least 10% of the purchase price and HOP’s investors contribute the rest
  • No mortgage needed
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How does it work?

  • HOP is not a lender, we help you to own a home alongside HOP's investors
  • If the home you choose is a sound prospect, HOP's investors will buy the home alongside you, investing up to 6 times your income. All you need is 10% of the purchase price
  • In return, you will make monthly HOP Payments, which could work out less than your rent or mortgage payments.
  • Your payment will be 5% of HOP’s investors’ contribution in Year 1
  • You are free to sell at any time and will benefit from any increase in the value of the whole property, not just your share
  • You can buy a bigger share of the property, up to 100%, any time you want.

What could I afford?

Enter your annual household earnings
You could buy a property valued at £333,333
You will contribute £33,333
HOP will contribute £270,000
Your HOP monthly payment in Year 1* £1,250
Your HOP monthly payment in Year 2* £1,288

*Year 1 payment is 5% of the HOP Partners’ contribution. Monthly payments then increase each year in line with inflation, using the Retail Price Index (RPI), plus 0.5%. Example in calculator uses 2.5% RPI. HOP caps these payments to never increase more than 5%, however high the inflation rate. The calculator is indicative only. It does not factor in your individual circumstances, expenditure, property details or your credit worthiness.

Not all applicants will be accepted. HOP is a long term co-investment in property and may not be suitable for you. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up your monthly payments or abide by the terms of the agreement which will be explained to you by your solicitor. The terms and conditions applicable to you will be made clear at the outset of your business relationship with HOP.

How is my share calculated?

  • You put in 10% of the purchase price, so on day one your share in the growth is 10%.
  • The next year you get an extra 25% from the entire home’s value growth, not just your share.
  • In following years you get an extra 2% of the growth.
  • This is all on top of your 10% share!

What is the initial value of your HOP home?


What will be your initial contribution?


View growth after:

Predicted property value:


Your share of value growth



What are the benefits?

You choose your home

You can live where you want, for as long as you want. If the home you choose is a sound prospect, HOP’s investors will buy it alongside you.

No need for a mortgage

If you can’t get a big enough mortgage or a mortgage at all, despite having a deposit and enough income to meet payments, HOP’s investors will invest up to six times your income.

No need to save a big deposit

You only need to have saved 10% of the property’s value in order to buy it with HOP’s investors.

You could reduce your monthly costs

Your HOP Payment could be less than it would cost to rent the very same home.

Payments Calculator

You can make your place your own

Unlike renting, you are free to decorate and improve your home. 

You get more than your share of any increase in the value of your home

Example: After ten years, your share of the increase in value will be 51%.

So if your £300,000 home increased in value by £100,000 and you decided to sell, you would receive £51,000 being your share of growth.

Share Calculator

You can increase your share up to 100%

You can buy a larger share of the property all the way up to 100%. The larger your share, the lower your HOP Payments will be.

You can sell at any time

You are free to sell at any time and will benefit from an increase in the value of the whole home, not just your share.

Your exposure to any loss of value is less than a mortgage

Should the value of the home decrease over the time that you live there, HOP investor’s shares in the value loss too.

How does HOP compare?

It buying with mortgage then you have taken on mortgage debt.
Rent levels are predictable during the fixed term of an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy). The rents can go up once the fixed terms end. If your tenancy has gone 'Periodic' then the rent can be increased at short notice.
Mortgage rates can be 'fixed'. When fixed ends the market will dictate what fixed or variable rates are available.
You receive a 25% share in the house price growth and this rises by 2% a year.

Find the answers to all of the most asked questions in our FAQs

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